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Welcome to Cactus Pie! A small oasis in a sea of jewellery options!

All of the jewellery found on this website is designed and manufactured locally, in Ottawa, Ontario. Canada's beautiful capital city! All processes take place in house. This includes developing the concept into visual designs, then  prototyping models, casting, setting of gemstones and finally polishing. 

The top priority and initiative of Cactus Pie Jewellery is to provide affordable, hand crafted, high quality, expertly designed and created jewellery, all while keeping it local and keeping the material costs low. This is why I have chosen to primarily make use of a tarnish resistant sterling silver which is still 92.5% pure silver (the same as traditional sterling silver, but without the traditional oxidation or tarnishing). This is a durable blend which is also a proprietary mixture of alloys. 

I hope that you find  a beautiful accessory to gift to yourself or someone special in your life!